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Title: The Gospel Singers, Author: J.C. Presley
Title: About Dat Bizness, Author: Martin Maranga
Title: The Hook Up 2: Keysha's Revenge, Author: HD Campbell
Title: Summer of Secrets, Author: J Maurice
Title: Hoe Into A Housewife, Author: Clemz
Title: In Love With A Hitta, Author: Darrell R. Freeman Jr.
Title: Have You Seen Her?, Author: Daniel Graham
Title: Maid for Dis Shit, Author: Jerrice Owens
Title: Heartaches and Headaches, Author: Jamal Harrington
Title: The Whole World Blind, Author: John Medley
Title: Thug Paradise, Author: Jamarcus
Title: The Thug Ingredient, Author: Antwanesha Page
Title: Pain & Passion 2, Author: Mike Braxton
Title: Double Jointed, Author: Contel Bradford
Title: A Yunique Story, Author: Soul
Title: A Matter of Trust, Author: J Maurice
Title: The Street Sweeper, Author: Clark Williams
Title: Give A Man A Fish, Author: Boss Lady Mae
Title: Shadow of Death, Author: J.C. Presley
Title: Loving Bae From Afar, Author: Martin Maranga

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