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Title: James Martin: Essential Writings, Author: James Martin
Title: An Introduction to Music and Art in the Western World / Edition 10, Author: Milo Wold
Title: Consolidating Colleges and Merging Universities: New Strategies for Higher Education Leaders, Author: James Martin
Title: How to Draw the Fastest, Coolest Cars, Author: Asavari Singh
Title: Revelation Through Science, Author: James G. Martin
Title: Turnaround: Leading Stressed Colleges and Universities to Excellence, Author: James Martin
Title: Drinking In America: A History, Author: Mark Edward Lender
Title: The Provost's Handbook: The Role of the Chief Academic Officer, Author: James Martin
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Title: Backyard Visions: The Ruby-Throated Hummingbird, Author: Joyce Martin
Title: The 20th Century: A Retrospective / Edition 1, Author: Choi Chatterjee
Title: Floating Jellyfish, Author: Kathleen Martin-James
Title: Building Beavers, Author: Kathleen Martin-James
Title: Soaring Bald Eagles, Author: Kathleen Martin-James
Title: America and Its Peoples: A Mosaic in the Making, Volume 1 to 1877 / Edition 5, Author: James Kirby Martin
Title: Bringing Baby Home, Author: Elaine Martin
Title: Canada: What It Is, What It Can Be, Author: Roger Martin
Title: A Domestic Affair, Author: Martin James Russell
Title: America and Its Peoples: A Mosaic in the Making / Edition 5, Author: James Kirby Martin
Title: Prodigy, Author: Martin James
Title: A Collection of Diophantine Problems with Solutions, Author: Artemas Martin James Matteson

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