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Title: Mary Thomas's Knitting Book, Author: Mary Thomas
Title: Urban Geography: A Critical Introduction / Edition 1, Author: Andrew E. G. Jonas
Title: Mary Thomas's Book of Knitting Patterns, Author: Mary Thomas
Title: Mary Thomas's Embroidery Book, Author: Mary Thomas
Title: Religious and Spiritual Issues in Counseling: Applications across Diverse Populations / Edition 1, Author: Mary Thomas Burke
Title: Mary Thomass Embroidery Book, Author: Mary Thomas
Title: Shadows on the Snow, Author: Mary Thomas Acton
Title: Time, Narrative, and Emotion in Early Modern England, Author: David Houston Wood
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Title: Maudine Läriven ..., Author: Mary Thomas
Title: Gender and Scientific Discourse in Early Modern Culture, Author: Kathleen Perry Long
Title: Shakespeare's Brain: Reading with Cognitive Theory, Author: Mary Thomas Crane
Title: Seed and Growth, Author: Mary Thomas Lillis
Title: Food in Shakespeare: Early Modern Dietaries and the Plays, Author: Joan Fitzpatrick
Title: In All Things, Author: Mary Thomas
Title: Ecocritical Shakespeare, Author: Dan Brayton
Title: Losing Touch with Nature: Literature and the New Science in Sixteenth-Century England, Author: Mary Thomas Crane
Title: Bodies, Politics and Transformations: John Donne's Metempsychosis, Author: Siobhán Collins
Title: The Donkey Tales: Black and White version, Author: Mary Thomas
Title: Canadians with Custer, Author: Mary Thomas
Title: Robert Burton and the Transformative Powers of Melancholy, Author: Stephanie Shirilan

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