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Title: Brainwashed, Author: Merril Hoge
Title: The Disappearance of Winter's Daughter, Author: Michael J. Sullivan
Title: PAWS and THINK: We Are All Different, Author: Miranda Mittleman
Title: PAWS and THINK: I Am Important, Author: Miranda Mittleman
Title: As Many Reps as Possible, Author: Jason Khalipa
Title: The New Pharmacist: 46 Doses of Advice, Author: Erin L. Albert
June 16th
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Title: Line Change, Author: Matt Brown
Title: There's a Bully in my Brain, Author: Kristin O'Rourke
Title: Bad Lies, Author: Shelby Yastrow
Title: Super Satya Saves the Day, Author: Raakhee Mirchandani
Title: Buckeyes A to Z, Author: Mark Walter
Title: Countdown 'Til Daddy Comes Home, Author: Kristin Ayyar
Title: Lucy & Clark: A Story of Puppy Love, Author: Ashley Iaconetti
Title: Night Night, Little Tiger, Author: Catherine and Garrison Rasor Garrison Davis
Title: Ronnie Turns Fear into Fun, Author: Ingrid Hoyos
Title: Thomas Sweatt: Inside the Mind of DC's Most Notorious Arsonist, Author: Jonathan Riffe
Title: The Little Aces, A Golf Story, Author: Rose Ostrow
Title: Code for Teens: The Awesome Beginner's Guide to Programming, Author: Jeremy Moritz
Title: Elon Musk: This Book Is About Rockets, Author: Evan Loomis
Title: Ruby Foo and the Traveling Kitchen, Author: Tiffany Foo

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