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Title: Dogs Don't Eat Apples, Author: Caitlin Fusco
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Title: Lotus Flowers and Superpowers, Author: Julie Seel Renaud Pre-Order Now
Title: The Adventures of Lefty and Righty: The Windy City, Author: Lori Orlinsky
Title: Mannon Makes Friends: Book 1 of the Mannon the Manchester series, Author: Yolanda Stanton PhD
Title: The Wayward Adventures of Wendall the Wandering Sock, Author: Paige VanWinkle Pre-Order Now
Title: Emerald the Green Dolphin, Author: Dr. Ronald Gilbar
Title: The Smartest Little Worker Ant, Author: Lisa Camp Pre-Order Now
Title: Veer Singh and the Quest of the Golden Apple, Author: Dr Amrit Sethi Pre-Order Now
Title: Nigel Sat in a Box, Author: Chuck Petrizzi Pre-Order Now
Title: A Sheep Named Dave, Author: Lena Schultz
Title: The Princess's New Hairdo, Author: Dayla Shantelle Martin-Hernandez Pre-Order Now
Title: Picky Patrick: The Kids We Love Collection, Author: Eleni Fuiaxis
Title: All Through the Game, Author: Demetrius Purvis II
Title: Mindful Moments with Maude, Author: Pamela Cappetta EdD
Title: PAWS and THINK: Never Give Up, Author: Miranda Mittleman
Title: Sleepover at Nana's, Author: Catherine Tommila
Title: I Love Storms, Author: Sara Beldoch
Title: Blankie Babies: Build a Pillow Fort, Author: Sara Walker
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Title: Valencia and the Velvet Dress, Author: Lorri Jackson
Title: Maral & Lupita: A Celebration of Friendship, Author: Judith Verduzco

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