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Title: The Pocket Guide to Bridge, Author: Barbara Seagram
Title: Beginning Bridge, Author: Barbara Seagram
Title: Gary Brown's Learn to Play Bridge: A Modern Approach to Standard Bidding with 5-Card Majors, Author: Gary Brown
Title: 25 Bridge Conventions You Should Know, Author: Barbara Seagram
Title: A Taste of Bridge, Author: Jeff Bayone
Title: 25 Bridge Conventions You Should Know-Practice Makes Perfect, Author: Barbara Seagram
Title: Santa Fe Precision, Author: Dennis Dawson
Title: Bridge in 3 Weeks: The Beginner's 21-Day Guide to the World's Most Popular Card Game, Author: Alan Truscott
Title: On the Other Hand: Bridge cardplay explained, Author: David Bird
Title: Play It Safe!, Author: Barbara Seagram
Title: Barbara's Bridge Tips, Author: Barbara Seagram
Title: Eddie Kantar Teaches Modern Bridge Defense, Author: Eddie Kantar
Title: Bridge in the Menagerie, Author: Victor Mollo
Title: Treasury of Bidding Tips: 554 Tips to Improve Your Partner's Game (Revised, Updated), Author: Eddie Kantar
Title: The Bridge Player's Bedside Book, Author: Tony Forrester
Title: Bridge with Another Perfect Partner, Author: John Carruthers
Title: Bridge: 25 Ways to Be a Better Defender, Author: Barbara Seagram
Title: Planning the Defense, Author: Barbara Seagram
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Title: Defensive Tips for Bad Card Holders, Author: Eddie Kantar
Title: A Bridge to Inspired Declarer Play, Author: Julian Laderman

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