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Title: Materials in World Perspective, Author: Dietrich G. Altenpohl
Title: Superplasticity, Author: K. A. Padmanabham
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Title: The Physical and Mathematical Modeling of Tundish Operations, Author: Julian Szekely
Title: Alumina: Processing, Properties, and Applications, Author: E. Dörre
Title: Advanced Aerospace Materials, Author: Horst Buhl
Title: Mesoplasticity and its Applications, Author: Wei Yang
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Title: Thermal-Mechanical Modelling of the Flat Rolling Process, Author: Maciej Pietrzyk
Title: Composite Materials, Author: Krishan Kumar Chawla
Title: Diffraction from Materials / Edition 2, Author: Lyle H. Schwartz
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Title: Ladle Metallurgy, Author: Julian Szekely
Title: Materials Beneficiation, Author: Charles B. Gill
Title: Diffraction from Materials, Author: Lyle H. Schwartz
Title: Residual Stress: Measurement by Diffraction and Interpretation, Author: Ismail C. Noyan
Title: Electroslag Technology, Author: B.I. Medovar
Title: Superplasticity: Mechanical and Structural Aspects, Environmental Effects, Fundamentals and Applications, Author: K Anantha Padmanabhan
Title: Materials in World Perspective: Assessment of Resources, Technologies and Trends for Key Materials Industries, Author: D. G. Altenpohl
Title: Process Modelling of Metal Forming and Thermomechanical Treatment, Author: Claudio R. Boer
Title: ITSM: An Interactive Time Series Modelling Package for the PC, Author: Peter J. Brockwell
Title: Fracture at High Temperatures, Author: Hermann Riedel
Title: Composite Materials: Science and Engineering / Edition 2, Author: Krishan K. Chawla
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