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Title: A Year in Our Lives, Author: Dawson Hunt
Title: En el jardín (In the Garden) (Spanish Version), Author: Jane Gould
Title: Our Family Reunion, Author: Suzanne Barchers
Title: Construyamos un patio de juegos (Building a Playground) (Spanish Version), Author: Joshua Rae Martin
Title: Nuestro presupuesto de vacaciones (Our Vacation Budget) (Spanish Version), Author: Andrew Einspruch
Title: Animales salvajes (Wild Animals) (Spanish Version), Author: Lisa Greathouse
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Title: Hot Air Balloons, Author: Dianne Irving
Title: Cleaning Our School, Author: Suzanne Barchers
Title: Niños artesanos (Crafty Kids), Author: Char Benjamin
Title: El mercado de productos agrícolas (Farmers Market) (Spanish Version), Author: Dawson Hunt
Title: Farmer's Market, Author: Dawson Hunt
Title: Animales asombrosos: Ballenas salvajes: Suma y resta (Amazing Animals: Wild Whales: Addition and Subtraction) (Spanish Version), Author: Melissa Pioch
Title: Una montaña de basura (A Mountain of Trash) (Spanish Version), Author: Loren Charles
Title: The History of Victorian Innovations: Equivalent Fractions (Grade 3), Author: Saskia Lacey
Title: En peligro! (At Risk!) (Spanish Version), Author: Dawn McMillan
Title: Wildlife Scientists, Author: Dawn McMillan
Title: Contrucción de casas (Building Houses) (Spanish Version), Author: Moira Anderson
Title: Un año de nuestras vidas (A Year in Our Lives), Author: Dawson Hunt
Title: Collecting Data, Author: Dawn McMillan
Title: Formemos figuras (Shaping Up) (Spanish Version), Author: Suzanne Barchers

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