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Title: Tracing the Trail of Time: Proceedings from the Second Diachronic Corpora Workshop, Author: Brill
Title: English in Transition: Corpus-based Studies in Linguistic Variation and Genre Styles, Author: Matti Rissanen
Title: Grammaticalization at Work: Studies of Long-term Developments in English, Author: Matti Rissanen
Title: History of Englishes: New Methods and Interpretations in Historical Linguistics, Author: Matti Rissanen
Title: Early English in the Computer Age: Explorations through the Helsinki Corpus, Author: Matti Rissanen
Title: Corpora Across the Centuries: Proceedings of the First International Colloquium on English Diachronic Corpora. St Catharine's College Cambridge, 25-27 March 1993, Author: Brill
Title: Corpus-Based Studies of Diachronic English, Author: Roberta Facchinetti