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Title: The Spirit Sings: Exhibition Catalog, Author: Glenbow Museum Staff
Title: Citizen and Soldier, Author: Howard L. Graham
Title: Striking Out, Author: Alison Gordon
Title: Fall down Easy, Author: Laurence Gough
Title: The History of Emily Montague, Author: Frances Brooke
Title: Would You Believe?, Author: Tom Harpur
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Title: In the Village of Viger, Author: Scott
Title: Great Brain Robbery, Author: Jack L. Granatstein
Title: Two Societies: Life in Mid-Nineteenth Century Quebec, Author: R. Cole Harris
Title: The Alley Cat, Author: Yves Beauchemin
Title: Accidental Deaths, Author: Laurence Gough
Title: Tumbling Mirth, Author: J. Douglas Harvey
Title: Murder in the Dark, Author: Margaret Atwood
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Title: The Polite Revolution: Perfecting the Canadian Dream, Author: John Ibbitson
Title: Hockey, Heroes, and Me, Author: Red Fisher
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Title: Two Plays for Study, Author: R. G. Harrison
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Title: Outback Animals, Author: Kathie Atkinson
Title: Fakes, Frauds and Filmflammery: Even More of the World's Most Outrageous Scams, Author: Andreas Schroeder
Title: Back Talk, Author: E. Nicol
Title: An Olive Branch on the Family Tree: The Arabs in Canada, Author: Baha Abu-Laban

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