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Title: Under The Light Of A Full Moon (Full Moon Series, #1), Author: D.A. McGrath
Title: Eye of the Storm: The Silent Grief of Miscarriage, Author: Rachel McGrath
Title: Deep Ends: The J.G. Ballard Anthology 2016, Author: Rick McGrath
Title: A Gypsy Curse (Full Moon Series, #2), Author: D.A. McGrath
Title: Decide Better! For a Better Life, Author: Michael E. McGrath
Title: The Black Sheep: The Fittest / Unfittest Bar Owner In New York, Author: Jared Beasley
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Title: September Surgeon Shamed: A Xara Smith Mystery, Author: Bill McGrath
Title: Deep Ends: The J.G. Ballard Anthology 2014, Author: Rick McGrath
Title: Colors of Kindness, Author: Pat McGrath Avery
Title: Social Thought, Author: Charles Dollen
Title: Aspects of Death and Correlated Aspects of Life in Art, Epigram, and Poetry: Contributions Towards an Anthology and an Iconography of the Subject, Author: Frederick Parkes Weber
Title: Deep Ends: A Ballardian Anthology 2019, Author: Rick McGrath
Title: Worship and Liturgy, Author: James J. Megivern
Title: January Juggling The jentons, Author: Bill McGrath
Title: The Scottish Tongue: A Series of Lectures on the Vernacular Language of Lowland Scotland Delivered to the Members of the Vernacular Circle of the Burns Club of London, Author: William A. Craigie
Title: Mass and the Sacraments, Author: Charles Dollen
Title: The Pronunciation of English in Scotland, Author: William Grant
Title: Sex Adjustments of Young Men, Author: Lester Allen Kirkendall
Title: Limitless, Author: McGrath House
Title: A Forgotten Gospel: Rediscovering a Radical, Compassionate Approach to Evangelism, Author: Mark McGrath

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