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Title: Intimate Relationships / Edition 2, Author: Sharon S. Brehm
Title: Person and The Situation / Edition 1, Author: Lee Ross
Title: The Individual in a Social World: Essays and Experiments / Edition 2, Author: Stanley Milgram
Title: Exploring Social Psychology / Edition 2, Author: David G. Myers
Title: Prejudice and Racism / Edition 2, Author: James M. Jones
Title: Social Conflict: Escalation, Stalemate and Settlement / Edition 2, Author: Dean Pruitt
Title: Intimate Relationships / Edition 4, Author: Brehm
Title: The Psychology of Attitude Change and Social Influence / Edition 3, Author: Philip G. Zimbardo
Title: Social Cognition / Edition 2, Author: Susan T. Fiske
Title: The Self / Edition 1, Author: Jonathon D. Brown
Title: The Psychology of Judgment and Decision Making / Edition 1, Author: Scott Plous
Title: Prejudice and Racism / Edition 1, Author: James M. Jones
Title: The Social Psychology of Helping and Altruism / Edition 1, Author: David A. Schroeder
Title: Culture and Social Behavior / Edition 1, Author: Harry C. Triandis