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Title: John Lydgate:
Title: Piers Plowman, Author: Elizabeth Salter
Title: Middle English Romances, Author: A. C. Gibbs
Title: English Lyrics before Fifteen Hundred, Author: Theodore Silverstein
Title: Glanvill: The Treatise on the Laws and Customs of the Realm of England Commonly Called Glanvill, Author: G. D. Hall
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Title: An Edition of the Middle English Grammatical Texts, Author: David Thomson
June 16th
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Title: The Gesta Normannorum Ducum of William of Jumii'Ages, Orderic Vitalis, and Robert of Torigni: Volume 1: Introduction and Books I-IV, Author: Clarendon Press
Title: Nicholas Love's: Mirror of the Blessed Life of Jesus Christ, a Critical Edition, Author: Michael Sargent