Title: The Cipher, Author: Kathe Koja
Title: The Merry Dredgers, Author: Jeremy C. Shipp Pre-Order Now
Title: Dark Factory, Author: Kathe Koja
Title: The Year of the Knife, Author: G.D. Penman
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Title: The Mercy of the Tide, Author: Keith Rosson
Title: The Last Days of Hong Kong, Author: G.D. Penman
Title: Behind the Mask: An Anthology of Heroic Proportions, Author: Kelly Link
Title: Velocities: Stories, Author: Kathe Koja
Title: Wings Unseen, Author: Rebecca Gomez Farrell
Title: Wings Unfurled, Author: Rebecca Gomez Farrell
Title: Paperclip, Author: Seb Doubinsky
Title: Folk Songs for Trauma Surgeons: Stories, Author: Keith Rosson
Title: Deprivation, Author: Roy Freirich
Title: Into Bones like Oil, Author: Kaaron Warren
Title: Roberto to the Dark Tower Came, Author: Tom Epperson
Title: Speculate: A Collection of Microlit, Author: Eugen Bacon
Title: Ariadne, I Love You, Author: J. Ashley-Smith
Title: Mage of Fools, Author: Eugen Bacon
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Title: Retrograde, Author: Kat Hausler
Title: The Purpose of Reality: Solar, Author: Steve Simpson

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