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Title: A New Prospect, Author: Wayne Zurl
Title: Proms and Balls, Author: Christina Hoag
Title: Kick Ass Girls of Fire & Ice YA Books, Author: Alice J. Black
Title: Maid of His Heart, Author: Natasha Perry
Title: Fire and Ice Young Adult Books: Horse Sampler, Volume 1, Author: Fire and Ice Young Adult Books
Title: Taking Chances, Author: Nancy Pennick
Title: Death Roll, Author: Diana Welker
Title: Rapture & Rebellion, Author: Ney Mitch
Title: Crossroads, Author: K. P. Gonzales
Title: A Quest for Love, Author: Barbara Donlon Bradley
Title: I Wish You Love, Author: Nancy Pirri
Title: My Sweet Haunt, Author: Josie Malone
Title: Mother of Light, Author: Herbert Grosshans
Title: Seven Forbidden Arts, Volume 1, Author: Charmaine Pauls
Title: Killing John the Baptist, Author: Matthew Peters
Title: The Death of Anyone, Author: D. J. Swykert
Title: Bloodlines of Atmos, The Story of Jace-Sanctuary, Book 1, Author: J. P. Edgar
Title: Man, Author: Charmaine Pauls
Title: A Leprechaun's Lament, Author: Wayne Zurl
Title: Laura and the Railroad Baron, Author: Nancy Pirri

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