Title: Promise Me, Author: Tara Fox Hall
Title: A Man's World, Author: Josie Malone
1 in Series
Title: The Heart of the Emerald, Author: Nancy Pennick
Title: Donnach's Daughter, Author: Nancy Pennick
2 in Series
Title: The Collector, Author: Mathias G. B. Colwell
1 in Series
Title: A New Prospect, Author: Wayne Zurl
7 in Series
Title: Never A Lady, Author: Anna Aysgarth
3 in Series
Title: Now and Forever, Author: Nancy Pennick
4 in Series
Title: MacLaren Strong, Author: Nancy Pennick
5 in Series
Title: Texas Two Step, Author: Jody Vitek
Title: Homecoming, Author: Nancy Pennick
6 in Series
Title: Taking Chances, Author: Nancy Pennick
4 in Series
Title: Fire and Ice Young Adult Books: Horse Sampler, Volume 1, Author: Fire and Ice Young Adult Books
Title: Maestro, Author: Melissa Rea
Title: Seducing Sasha, Author: Jaden Sinclair
Title: Outlaw's Daughter, Author: Sherry Derr Wille
2 in Series
Title: Outlaw's Secrets, Author: Sherry Derr Wille
4 in Series
Title: Love Is A Leap: A Tale About Reincarnation and a Promise Made, Author: Kate Riley
Title: Proms and Balls, Author: Christina Hoag
Title: Prairie Ghosts, Author: Anne Marie Dapp
1 in Series

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