Title: Prairie Ghosts, Author: Anne Marie Dapp
Title: A New Prospect, Author: Wayne Zurl
Title: Promise Me, Author: Tara Fox Hall
Title: Homecoming, Author: Nancy Pennick
Title: Proms and Balls, Author: Christina Hoag
Title: Fire and Ice Young Adult Books: Horse Sampler, Volume 1, Author: Fire and Ice Young Adult Books
Title: Kick Ass Girls of Fire & Ice YA Books, Author: Alice J. Black
Title: Fall to Domum, Author: J. H. Wear
Title: Family Skeletons, Author: Josie Malone
Title: Daddy's Girl, Author: J. J. Massa
Title: Rugged Edges, Author: Nancy Pirri
Title: Pirates Hellion & Raided Pleasures, Author: Jaden Sinclair
Title: A Hole in the Universe, Author: J. H. Wear
Title: The Heart of the Emerald, Author: Nancy Pennick
Title: Donnach's Daughter, Author: Nancy Pennick
Title: Now and Forever, Author: Nancy Pennick
Title: From New York to the Smokies, Author: Wayne Zurl
Title: Clover, Author: Nicole Kilpatrick
Title: MacLaren Strong, Author: Nancy Pennick
Title: The Duke and the Lady Sleuth, Author: Nancy Pirri

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