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Title: Emma And The Cutting Horse, Author: Martha Deeringer
Title: Roberto's Return, Author: Paul Ferrante
Title: Surf Shop Sisters, Author: Laura Kennedy
Title: Unhinged, Author: Shelley R. Pickens
Title: A Door Just Opened, Author: Dorothy Stephens
Title: Roots Entwine, Author: Victoria Bastedo
Title: Sojourn: The Wildlands, Author: B. D. Messick
Title: The Doors, Author: Alice J. Black
Title: Orphans' Inn, Author: Martha Deeringer
Title: Nothing But Horses, Author: Shannon Kennedy
Title: The Horse Rescuers, Author: Patricia Gilkerson
Title: Last Ghost at Gettysburg, Author: Paul Ferrante
Title: Speak of the Tiger, Author: Martha Deeringer
Title: Broken Dreams, Author: Nancy Pennick
Title: The Haunting of Secrets, Author: Shelley R. Pickens
Title: Ajar, Author: Marianna Boncek
Title: The Sword of Lumina: Mira's View, Author: Erin Elliott
Title: Until I'm Safe, Author: Jane Grace
Title: The Sword of Lumina: Mira's Hope, Author: Erin Elliott
Title: Angel I Am Not, Author: Melissa Starr

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