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Title: Wordplay Crosswords #02, Author: Richard Silvestri
Title: Almost Impossible Brain Bafflers, Author: Tim Sole
Title: Winning Cribbage Tips, Author: Dan Barlow
Title: Hard-to-Solve Word Puzzles, Author: Henry Hook
Title: All-Star Mathlete Puzzles (Mensa Series), Author: Dick Hess
Title: 303 Perplexing Chess Puzzles ( Official Menza Puzzle Book Series), Author: Fred Wilson
Title: Word Search Sudoku, Author: Frank Longo
Title: Hard-to-Solve Math Puzzles, Author: Derrick Niederman
Title: Ingenious Puzzles For Word Lovers, Author: George Bredehorn
Title: Play Cribbage to Win, Author: Dan Barlow
Title: Word Puzzles for Kids, Author: Robert Allen
Title: Crisscross Puzzles for Kids (Mensa), Author: Helene Hovanec
Title: 102 Cryptic Crosswords, Author: Fraser Simpson
Title: Picture Puzzles, Author: Ken A. Russell
Title: Challenging Brainteasers, Author: Bernardo Recaman Santos
Title: Word Shapes, Author: Mensa Publications
Title: Mensa: New Word Puzzles, Author: Robert Allen
Title: Astounding Acrostic Puzzles (Mensa), Author: Anne Brown
Title: Modern Classic Puzzles, Author: Peter Grabarchuk
Title: 606 Puzzles for Chess Nuts, Author: Fred Wilson

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