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Title: Wordplay Crosswords #02, Author: Richard Silvestri
Title: Measue Your EQ Factor: Discover and Measure Your Emotional Potential, Author: Gilles D'Ambra
Title: Repeat-Letter Sudoku, Author: Walter Mackey
Title: Mensa Guide to Solving Sudoku: Hundreds of Puzzles Plus Techniques to Help You Crack Them All, Author: Frank Longo
Title: Match Wits with Mensa: Test Your Trivia Smarts, Author: Peter Gordon
Title: Amazing Word Search Puzzles for Kids, Author: Mark Danna
Title: Challenging Logic Puzzles (Mensa Series), Author: Barry R Clarke
Title: 303 Tactical Chess Puzzles, Author: Fred Wilson
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Title: Word Search Sudoku, Author: Frank Longo
Title: Sudokugrams, Author: Alan Stillson
Title: Winning Cribbage Tips, Author: Dan Barlow
Title: Mensa Covert Puzzles, Author: David L. Colton
Title: Card Games for Smart Kids, Author: Margie
Title: Really Clever Crosswords 2 (Mensa Series), Author: David Levinson Wilk
Title: Vowelless Crosswords, Author: Frank Longo
Title: Language Lover's Puzzle Book, Author: George Bredehorn
Title: Logical Deduction Puzzles, Author: George J. Summers
Title: Crosswords for Kids, Author: Trip Payne
Title: The New Puzzle Classics: Ingenious Twists on Timeless Favorites, Author: Serhiy Grabarchuk
Title: Crosswords for a Rainy Day, Author: Harvey Estes

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