Title: Gallows Hill, Author: Rory O'Brien
Title: 2050: The Power At the Bottom of the World: A Future History, Volume 2, Author: J Zornado
Title: Where the shadows began & other stories, Author: Bradley H Sinor
Title: Translation Station, Author: Don D'Ammassa
Title: Child-Eyes, Author: Sarah DeSimone
Title: The Joy of Booking: a guide to buying and selling used SF books, Author: Bud Webster
Title: The Eden Retrieval, Author: Matt Howarth
Title: Grim Tides (Marla Mason Series #6), Author: T. A. Pratt
Title: Red Sky Radio, Author: Matt Howarth
Title: 2050: Gods of Little Earth: A Future History, Volume 1, Author: J. Zornado
Title: A Giant in the House & Other Excesses, Author: Daniel Pearlman
Title: Bride of Death (Marla Mason Series #7), Author: T. A. Pratt
Title: Tuners, Author: Matt Howarth
Title: The Nex, Author: Tim Pratt
Title: Summerland, Author: Rory O'Brien
Title: Lady of Misrule (Marla Mason Series #8), Author: T. A. Pratt
Title: 2050: When Immortals Reign: A Future History, Volume 3, Author: J Zornado
Title: Everybody Dies Tomorrow, Author: Matt Howarth
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Title: Letters From Gardner: A Writer's Odyssey, Author: Lou Antonelli
Title: Who Killed Science Fiction?: Compleat & Unexpurgated, Author: Earl Kemp

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