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Title: Wildlife Photographers
Title: The Art of Being An Elephant, Author: Christine Denis Huot
Title: Elephant, Author: Christine Denis-Huot
Title: Culture artistique et enseignement superieur: La structure des interets artistique de loisir chez les etudiants, Author: Robert Frances
Title: Giraffe, Author: Christine Denis-Huot
Title: Lords of the Savannah: Leopards and Cheetahs, Author: Christine Denis-Huot
Title: Space and Spatial Cognition: A Multidisciplinary Perspective, Author: Michel Denis
Title: Les mots du passé, Author: Jean-michel Denis
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Title: My Home Is Africa, Author: Valerie Tracqui
Title: Image and Cognition, Author: Michel Denis
Title: Realm of the Wild: Life and Death of the African Savannah, Author: Michel Denis-Huot
Title: The Art of Being a Lion, Author: Christine Denis-Huot
Title: Imagery, Language and Visuo-Spatial Thinking, Author: Michel Denis
Title: Hippopotamus, Author: Christine Denis-Huot
Title: Safari in Wildest Africa, Author: Michel Denis-Huot
Title: Girafe Sentinelle de la Savane, Author: Christine Denis-Huot
Title: Petit Traité de l'espace: Un parcours pluridisciplinaire, Author: Michel Denis
Title: Models of Visuospatial Cognition, Author: Manuel de Vega
Title: Neuroimaging of Mental Imagery: A Special Issue of the European Journal of Cognitive Psychology, Author: Michel Denis
Title: La Cigogne, Author: Christine Denis-Huot

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