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Title: A Time of Reckoning Book Two: The Reckoning, Author: Michelle Simpson
Title: A Time of Reckoning: Book One Betrayals, Author: Michelle Simpson
Title: Even Fairies Bake Mistakes, Author: Elizabeth Pagel-Hogan
Title: Cinderella: A Discover Graphics Fairy Tale, Author: Jennifer Fandel
Title: Astra the Lonely Airplane, Author: Julie Whitney
Title: Hanukkah Harvie vs. Santa Claus, Author: David Michael Slater
Title: I Can See You, Author: Rosemarie Avrana Meyok
Title: Disney Pixar Onward: Look and Find: Look and Find, Author: Pi Kids
Title: The Science of Fashion, Author: Julie Danneberg
Title: The Science of Weather and Climate: Rain, Sleet, and the Rising Tide, Author: Julie Danneberg
Title: The Power in Words: An Empowering Guide to Speaking With Purpose, Author: Meaghan Axel
Title: The Science and Technology of Marie Curie, Author: Julie Knutson
Title: The Power in Me: An Empowering Guide to Using Your Breath to Focus Your Thoughts, Author: Meaghan Axel
Title: Genie Meanie, Author: Mahtab Narsimhan
Title: Stranger Danger, Author: Michelle Simpson
Title: Santa's Sleigh Is Stuck, Author: Karen Foley
Title: Jordan and Max, Field Trip!, Author: Suzanne Sutherland
Title: Backyard Biology: Discover the Life Cycles and Adaptations Outside Your Door with Hands-On Science Activities, Author: Donna Latham
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Title: The Dancing Trees, Author: Masiana Kelly
Title: The Not-So-Scary Dog, Author: Alanna Propst

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