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Title: Archie #386, Author: George Gladir
Title: Spider-Man: Clone Genesis, Author: Gerry Conway
Title: Wonder Woman (1942-) #128, Author: Bob Kanigher
Title: Andru and Esposito Partners for Life, Author: Dan Best
Title: Wonder Woman: The Amazon Princess Archives Vol. 1, Author: Robert Kanigher
Title: The Amazing Spider-Man Marvel Masterworks, Volume 4, Author: Stan Lee
Title: Showcase Presents Brave and the Bold Vol. 3, Author: Bob Haney
Title: Andru And Esposito Partners For Life, Author: Mike Esposito
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Title: Inspiration for LGBT Student & Their Allies, Author: Anthony D'Angelo
Title: Essential Dazzler - Volume 1, Author: Chris Claremont
Title: Cheryl Blossom Special #1, Author: Dan DeCarlo
Title: Essential Ghost Rider - Volume 3, Author: Michael Fleisher
Title: Showcase Presents: Wonder Woman, Author: Mike Esposito
Title: Let It Slide, Artist: Mike Esposito
Title: Essential Spider-Woman - Volume 2, Author: Michael Fleisher
Title: Date With Danger: Issue One, Author: Ross Andru
Title: Wonder Woman (1942-) #129, Author: Bob Kanigher
Title: Essential Spider-Man - Volume 8, Author: Len Wein
Title: The Metal Men Archives Vol. 2, Author: Robert Kanigher
Title: Suicide Squad: The Silver Age, Author: Bob Kanigher Pre-Order Now

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