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Title: Stormy Monday
Title: Internal Affairs
Title: Leaving Las Vegas [Original Soundtrack], Artist: Mike Figgis
Title: Cold Creek Manor
Title: One Night Stand
Title: Leaving Las Vegas
Title: Mr. Jones
Title: William Forsythe: From a Classical Position/Just Dancing Around
Title: Ten Minutes Older: The Cello
Title: Liebestraum
Title: Miss Julie
Title: The Thirty-Six Dramatic Situations, Author: Mike Figgis
Title: Nicolas Cage Star Collection
Title: Anti-Social Studies 101
Title: Scorsese Presents Blues: Red White & Blues
Title: Unfaithful/Leaving Las Vegas
Title: Serpico & Narc & Internal Affairs
Title: Time Code, Artist: Mike Figgis
Title: Timecode
Title: Leaving Las Vegas/Raging Bull

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