Title: Calabria: The Other Italy, Author: Karen Haid
Title: Becoming the Iceman: Pushing Past Perceived Limits, Author: Wim Hof
Title: The Confessions of Congressman X, Author: Congressman X
Title: HOMETOWN KID CITY KID: a true story of a basketball team amidst demographic change, Author: Jim Dimick Jr
Title: The Hours Between Us, Author: Carol Graf
Title: The Living Letters of Mother Mary, Author: Barbara Beach
Title: TRILLION$, Author: Douglas F. Sainsbury
Title: Running the Cobblestones, Author: C.K. MacDonald
Title: Rabbit Stu River Canard, Author: Marc LaTourette
Title: The Tenney Quilt: Celebrating the Women of Minnesota's Tiniest Town, Author: Heidi Haagenson
Title: Animal Training 101: The Complete and Practical Guide to the Art and Science of Behavior Modification, Author: Ph. D. Jenifer a. Zeligs
Title: Don't Suck on a Straw During Your Speech, Author: Mary Milla
Title: Working Fires: Northern Reflections, Author: Charlie Medlin
Title: Waking Up Blind: Lawsuits over Eye Surgery, Author: MD MBA Harbin
Title: THE ROADMAP TO LITERACY: A Guide to Teaching Language Arts in Waldorf Schools Grades 1 through 3, Author: JANET LANGLEY
Title: Winyah, Author: J. R. True
Title: Injustice is Served, Author: Lynn Moller
Title: Johnny Fish Cooking for a Get-Together: Seafood Soups, Salads and More..., Author: Chef John Lengsfeld
Title: THE FINAL BATTLE: An Untold Story of WW II's Forty-Second Rainbow Division, Author: William George Hansult Jr.

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