Title: Foreign Missions Strategy: Mental Readiness, Author: Felix Asade
Title: Chimera (Jim Chapel Missions Series #1), Author: David Wellington
Title: Terror on Titan (Starcruiser Missions, #1), Author: David Jefferis
Title: All Jazzed Up, Author: Tracy Ellen
Title: The Executioner's Game, Author: Gary Hardwick
1 in Series
Title: The Explorer Missions: Book One: Signs of Life, Author: Preeti Shrivastava
Title: Point of No Return, Author: Susan May Warren
1 in Series
Title: Chasing Pirates, Author: Harry Rubin
1 in Series
Title: The Osmerian Conflict, Author: Llewellyn Burgess
Title: Crystal and Flint: The Journey Missions Series, Author: Holly Ash
Title: Crystal And Flint, Author: Holly Ash
Title: Ida and the Planet Invasion, Author: Neil A Hogan
Title: Chasing Vengeance, Author: Drea Damara
Title: Lero's Mission, Author: John L. Hash
Title: Skywave, Author: K. Patrick Donoghue
Title: Missions of Love, Volume 1, Author: Ema Toyama
1 in Series
Title: Rise of the Phantoms, Author: Gary Beller
Title: The Dark Missions of Edgar Brim, Author: Shane Peacock
Title: Missions Accomplished: And some funny business along the way, Author: Tim Jenkins

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