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Title: Adam's Diary, Author: Knut Faldbakken
Title: The Roofing Ceremony and The Silver Lake, Author: August Strindberg
Title: Land of Wooden Gods, Author: Jan Fridegard
Title: Wounded Knee 1973: A Personal Account, Author: Stanley David Lyman
Title: The Thirty Years' War, Author: Henrik Tikkanen
Title: Tutelary Tales, Author: Villy Sorensen
Title: The Downfall of the Gods, Author: Villy Sorensen
Title: House of Babel, Author: P. C. Jersild
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Title: People of the Dawn: Volume 2 in the Holme Trilogy, Author: Jan Fridegard
Title: Evening Star, Author: Dea  Trier Morch
Title: The Impostor, Author: Peter Seeberg
Title: Breaking Free, Author: Ivar Lo-Johansson
Title: Winter's Child, Author: Dea Trier Morch
Title: Sacrificial Smoke: Volume 3 in the Holme Trilogy, Author: Jan Fridegard
Title: Winter's Child, Author: Joan Tate
Title: The Blue Mother, Author: Christer Kihlman
Title: Children's Island, Author: P. C. Jersild
Title: The Troll Circle, Author: Sigurd Hoel
Title: For Love of Norway, Author: Pal Espolin Johnson