Title: Good Girls Stay Quiet, Author: Jo Cassidy
Title: Blood Numbers, Author: C.F. Kreitzer
Title: Heartbreaker, Author: V. Romas Burton
Title: Harper, Author: Jo Cassidy
Title: Fake Nora, Author: Kelly Martin
Title: Our Sweet Guillotine, Author: Mary Gray
Title: A Darkness Below, Author: Jo Cassidy
Title: That Pale Host, Author: L. G. McCary
Title: Rise, Take Flight, Author: Mary Gray
Title: Willow Marsh, Author: Jo Cassidy
Title: What Lurks Below, Author: Jordan Thompson
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Rise, Take Flight
#3 in Series
Audiobook (Unabridged)

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Title: What Rachel Did, Author: Kelly Martin
Title: It Calls Me: An Anthology, Author: Katie Coughran
Title: Leo, Who Gleans: A Sisters of Bloodcreek Prequel, Author: Mary Gray
Title: Legend of the Rainbow Eater, Author: Kristiana Sfirlea
Title: Trinity Row, Author: Kelly Martin
Title: Human Hearts, Author: Mary Beesley
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Title: The Devils You Meet On Christmas Day: An Anthology, Author: Mary Gray
Title: The Dollhouse Asylum, Author: Mary Gray

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