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Title: The Wicked Tree, Author: Kristin Thorsness
Title: Emerge (Mer Chronicles Series #1), Author: Tobie Easton
Title: The Lady Alchemist, Author: Samantha Vitale
Title: The Book of the Seven Spells: Guardians, Author: Charlie Lovett
Title: Jagger Jones and the Mummy's Ankh, Author: Malayna Evans
Title: The Prince and the Goblin, Author: Bryan Huff
Title: Serpentine, Author: Cindy Pon
Title: Demon in the Whitelands, Author: Nikki Richard
Title: The Undertakers: End of the World, Author: Ty Drago
Title: The Undertakers: Last Siege of Haven, Author: Ty Drago
Title: The Artisans, Author: Julie Reece
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Title: Rage of the Dragon King, Author: J. Keller Ford
Title: The Best Week That Never Happened, Author: Dallas Woodburn
Title: Submerge (Mer Chronicles Series #2), Author: Tobie Easton
Title: Immerse, Author: Tobie Easton
Title: Neliem, Author: Clare Di Liscia
Title: Merged, Author: Jim Kroepfl
Title: Garden of Thorns and Light, Author: Shylah Addante
Title: Roger Mantis: The Remarkable Metamorphosis of Roger McGillicutty, Author: Tom Alan Brosz
Title: Hair in All the Wrong Places, Author: Andrew Buckley

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