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Title: The Mythology of Global Warming: Climate Change Fiction VS. Scientific Facts, Author: Ph.D. Bruce Bunker
Title: Houseboat Wars, Author: Charles Bush
Title: AS I LIVE AND BREATHE: A Perspective from a Prison Psychologist, Author: Marla Patterson
Title: Superstar, Author: Christopher Long
Title: Grasping at Shadows, Author: Joseph W. Sharp
Title: PSYCHOLOGICAL WARFARE: The Power of Mental Strength and the Formula for Victory, Author: Poppi Z
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Title: The Hubley Case, Author: Justin Lee
Title: The Kurdish Connection, Author: Randall Krzak
Title: Fatal Blow, Author: James L. Thane
Title: The Beautician's Notebook, Author: Anne Clinard Barnhill
Title: Global Warming, Author: G. Dedrick Robinson
Title: An Irish Lullaby, Author: Louis Michael Manzo
Title: Ghost Walking, Author: Mark Spencer
Title: How to Raise Respectful Parents: Better Communication for Teen and Parent Relationships, Author: Laura Lyles Reagan
Title: OCCAM's Razor, Author: Roger Newman
Title: Lily's Home Front, Author: Hillary Tiefer
Title: The Orphan Train, Author: Steve Brigman
Title: Two Drifters, Author: Roger Newman
Title: The Katie Dugan Case, Author: William Francis
Title: Waiting for You at Midnight, Author: Vicki Salloum

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