Title: The Thames Never Sleeps - Part One, Author: Mohinderpal Dhaliwal
Title: The Thala Talisman, Author: Terence James
Title: No Milk Today, Author: Liz Gwinnell
Title: Reach for the Stars by The Nameless Narrator, Author: CJK
Title: Archangels on Earth, Author: Alvaro Bruno Pedro
Title: Blue Notes, Author: A.D. Hewitt
Title: Variegations: 105 Poems of Feeling & Fancy (with musical accompaniments), Author: William Keenan
Title: Surviving Domestic Abuse, Author: Sam Helio
Title: Debts - A Foster Story, Author: Trevor Jones
Title: Tommo and the Mafia Miners: An Elly Whisperer Adventure, Author: Christopher Thompson
Title: The Inconvenient Girl, Author: John R. Nicoll
Title: Transformational Relationship - for Singles, Couples, Parents and Church Groups: Useful for Personal Development, Relationship Workshops and Seminars, Author: Kenn Mark
Title: Life On The Game: a true story, Author: Angelica Lee
Title: Way We Were, Author: V S Mani