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Title: The Economy Has Left The Building, Author: Rosa Kerosene
Title: The Class Of The New, Author: Richard Barbrook
Title: Node.London Reader Ii, Author: Node.London Network
Title: A Neoist Research Project, Author: N. O. Cantsin
Title: Curing My Stutter, Author: Abid Hussain
Title: Inclusion Through Medi, Author: Tony Dowmunt
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Title: Peak Oil - a User's Guide, Author: Popex
Title: DIY Survival, Author: C6
Title: Zones Of Proletarian Development, Author: Mastaneh Shah-Shuja
Title: Proud to Be Flesh - A Mute Magazine Anthology of Cultural Politics After the Net, Author: Pauline Van Mourik Broekman
Title: New Chronica Dublin, Author: Steven Dickie
Title: Made In Time, Author: Clemence Seilles
Title: Andre Stitt Tour Blog, Author: Andre Stitt
Title: FeedBack: Ideas That Inform, Construct and Concern the Production of Exhibitions and Events, Author: E. Karaba
Title: Abstract Hacktivism, Author: Otto Von Busch
Title: The Mag.Net Reader 2 - Between Paper And Pixel, Author: A Ludovico
Title: Xxxxx, Author: Xxxxx
Title: Converge - Online Video, Author: Network Transmission Network
Title: Deptford.Tv Diaries Ii - Pirate Strategies, Author: Deptford.Tv
Title: Music For Vagabonds - The Tuxedomoon Chronicles, Author: Isabelle Corbisier

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