Title: 44 Days of Being Humble: Daily Devotional, Author: Jekela S. Burgess Pre-Order Now
Title: In My Mind, Author: Byron L. Edwards
Title: Solo: Love Lost and Found, Author: Mary E. Chambers Pre-Order Now
Title: The Adventures of Harriet Hamster, Author: Nancy S. Morris
Title: In My Own Words: A guided journal on life, lessons and legacy, Author: Natalie B. Dean
Title: The Contract, Author: Tanon
Title: The Culture of Money, Author: De'Andre Salter
Title: Believe It. Speak It. Do It.: Finding Peace Within Your Purpose, Author: Beverly Kearney
Title: Plantation Theory: The Black Professional's Struggle Between Freedom and Security, Author: John Graham
Title: I Remember Mommy, Author: Talitha Anyabwele
Title: A Journey Through Grace, Author: Reggie Tuggle
Title: Mothering the Crescent Moons: Our Journey with Sickle Cell Anemia, Author: Tyrene Gibson
Title: The Adventures of Brown Boy, Author: Brantley Simmons
Title: La Ciencia Esta En Todas Partes: La Ciencia Es Para Todos, Author: Jeanette Davis
Title: Pages From My Notebook: Declarations about God, Love, Healing, and Manifesting My Best Life, Author: Melissa A. Mitchell
Title: The AMARA Woman Wellness Journal (White), Author: Dr. Yvette Maureen
Title: Mommy, I Can't Read, Author: Larvail Jones
Title: A Very Good Helper, Author: Deanna Barnes
Title: Finding Authentic Rhythm, Author: Joy Fitzgerald Pre-Order Now
Title: Color and Manifest: Using the power of coloring to manifest your wildest dreams, Author: Melissa A. Mitchell

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