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Title: A Very Funny Fellow, Author: Donald Lev
Title: Alongside We Travel: Contemporary Poets on Autism, Author: Sean Thomas Dougherty
Title: Waiting for the Dead to Speak, Author: Brian Fanelli
Title: Somerset, Author: Daniel Donaghy
Title: The Plumber's Apprentice, Author: Joe Weil
Title: The Silence in an Empty House, Author: Maria Mazziotti Gillan
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Title: Hints and Allegations, Author: Amanda J Bradley
Title: Oz at Night, Author: Amanda Bradley
Title: Fifteen Stones, Author: Craig Czury
Title: Queen Kong, Author: Amanda J Bradley
Title: Misrepresented People: Poetic Responses to Trump's America, Author: Maria Isabel Alvarez
Title: What Blooms in Winter, Author: Maria Mazziotti Gillan
Title: Crave, Author: Christine Gelineau
Title: In Truth, Author: Emanuel di Pasquale
Title: Bones & Jokes, Author: Ted Jonathan
Title: definitions uprising, Author: melissa christine goodrum
Title: A Girl Goes into the Woods, Author: Lyn Lifshin
Title: attraversiamo, Author: Monique Ferrell
Title: Unsteady, Author: Monique Ferrell
Title: Everything So Seriously, Author: Douglas Treem

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