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Title: Piezoelectric Nanomaterials for Biomedical Applications, Author: Gianni Ciofani
Title: In Vivo Self-Assembly Nanotechnology for Biomedical Applications, Author: Hao Wang
Title: Nanotoxicology: Materials, Methodologies, and Assessments, Author: Nelson Durán
Title: Nanooncology: Engineering nanomaterials for cancer therapy and diagnosis, Author: Gil Gonçalves
Title: Lanthanide-Doped Luminescent Nanomaterials: From Fundamentals to Bioapplications, Author: Xueyuan Chen
Title: Advanced Targeted Nanomedicine: A Communication Engineering Solution, Author: Uche Chude-Okonkwo
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Title: Engineered Cell Manipulation for Biomedical Application, Author: Misturu Akashi
Title: Bioactivity of Engineered Nanoparticles, Author: Bing Yan
Title: Bioengineering Applications of Carbon Nanostructures, Author: Ado Jorio