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Title: The Mutiny On Board H.M.S. Bounty: The Captain's Account of the Mutiny and His 3,600 Mile Voyage in an Open Boat, Author: William Bligh
Title: Old Deadwood Days, Author: Estelline Bennett
Title: Kit Carson's Own Story Of His Life, Author: Kit Carson
Title: Journal of a Trapper: In the Rocky Mountains between 1834 and 1843, Author: Osborne Russell
Title: Zambesi Expedition: To the Zambesi and Its Tributaries, Author: David N. Livingstone
Title: South!: The Last Antarctic Expedition of Shackleton, Author: Ernest Henry Shackleton
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Title: In Darkest Africa: The Quest, Rescue, and Retreat of Emin Governor of Equatoria, Author: Henry Morton Stanley
Title: Headhunting in the Solomon Islands, Author: Caroline Mytinger
Title: Three Years among the Comanches: The Narrative of Nelson Lee, the Texas Ranger, Author: Nelson Lee
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Title: A Cruising Voyage Around the World: The Adventures of an English Privateer, Author: Woodes Rogers
Title: The Boy, Me, And The Cat, Author: Henry Plummer
Title: Narrative of the Adventures of Zenas Leonard: Five Years as a Mountain Man in the Rocky Mountains, Author: Zenas Leonard
Title: Three Years in the Klondike: A Gold Miner's Life in Dawson City, 1898-1901, Author: Jeremiah Lynch
Title: Boots And Saddles, Author: Elizabeth B. Custer
Title: Goa, and the Blue Mountains: Six Months of Sick Leave, Author: Richard Francis Burton
Title: Journal of an Exploring Tour: Beyond the Rocky Mountains, Author: Samuel Parker
Title: Head Hunters of the Amazon: My Adventures in the Jungle, 1894-1901, Author: Fritz Up-de Graff
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Title: Missionary Travels and Research in South Africa: Including a Sketch of Sixteen Years' Residence in the Interior of Africa: Volume 1, Author: David N. Livingstone
Title: Desperate Voyage, Author: John Caldwell
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Title: Dead Men Do Tell Tales, Author: Byron Khun De Prorok

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