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Title: Santa's New Team, Author: Trevor M.K. Airey
Title: Dr. Dreams: The Same Scary Dream
Title: Let's Talk Sticky Stuff, Author: Laurie Linsley
Title: Jack the Husky Gets a Sister, Author: Shannon Carlson
Title: The Talking Ducks, Author: Meagan Balgobin
Title: Argonauta, Author: Deborah A. M. Phillips
Title: I'm Awesome Because, Author: Ipsita Paul
Title: Who's Mostly Scared?, Author: AJ Holman
Title: Little David's Big Light, Author: Laura Wilkins
Title: Real Princesses Don't Whine: Learning How to Problem-Solve, Author: Trish Hammond
Title: It's OK to be Me!, Author: Sherry J. Kubalsky
Title: Funny Eyes, Author: Michele Alexis Aeck
Title: Lucky Stars: The Second Journey in the Wellness Series, Author: Daniella Grsic
Title: Elephants in the House, Author: Ailsa Hebert
Title: Smile Sandwich: The Third Journey... How Thoughts, Words and Actions Create Wellness, Author: Daniella Grsic
Title: Tools to Cool: Finding Ways to Cope, Author: Stephanie Scott
Title: Deep Down Inside: A heart-warming journey of hope and happiness, Author: Daniella Grsic
Title: Vreeland, Author: Gabriel Strump
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Title: Ethel's New Home, Author: Kathy Rogo