Title: Influence: Science and Practice: The Comic, Author: Robert Cialdini
Title: Self Talk, Author: Devin C Hughes
Title: The Altucher Confidential: Ideas for a World Out of Balance, Author: James Altucher
Title: The Business of Human Services: A Guide to Running a Successful Human Resources Company: Case Study Workbook, Author: James G. Balestrieri
Title: Altucher Confidential, Author: James Altucher
Title: The Chaotic Crow: A Topsy-Turvy Flight through Change, Author: Patrick T. Finley
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Title: Incredible Adam and a Day with Autism: An Illustrated Story Inspired by Social Narratives (The ORP Library), Author: Jeff Krukar
Title: Medicine for My Big Brother: A Comic Book About Autism, Medication, and Brotherly Love, Author: Agata Antonow
Title: Color Me Even, Color Me Odd, Author: Marcie Aboff
Title: Overachievement from SmarterComics, Author: John Eliot