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Title: This We Believe: Keys to Educating Young Adolescents, Author: Association Association for Middle Level Education
Title: Middle Level Programs and Practices in Elementary (K-8) Schools: Report of a National Study, Author: William Alexander
Title: ABC's of Evaluation: 26 Alternative Ways to Assess Student Progress, Author: Sandra L. Schurr
Title: Celebrating Diversity: Multicultural Education in Middle Level Schools, Author: M. Lee Manning
Title: Research in Middle Level Education, Author: David L. Hough
Title: What Current Research Says to the Middle Level Practitioner, Author: Judith L. Irvin
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Title: Transforming Ourselves, Transforming Schools: Middle School Change / Edition 1, Author: Nancy Doda
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Title: Creating Organizationally Healthy and Effective Middle Schools: Research That Supports the Middle School Concept and Student Achievement, Author: Kathleen Roney
Title: Reflections from a Teacher's Heart: The Affective Side of Middle Grades Education, Author: David H. Puckett
Title: Learning Station Models for Middle Grades, Author: Nancy J. Kolodziej
Title: Using Portfolios across the Curriculum, Author: Ann Lockledge
Title: Watershed: A Successful Voyage into Integrative Learning / Edition 1, Author: Mark Springer
Title: Rebooting of a Teacher's Mind / Edition 1, Author: Brenda A. Dyck
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Title: Power of Two: Partner Teams in Action, Author: Penny Bishop
Title: Professional Preparation of Middle Level Teachers, Author: McEwin
Title: Ignite Student Intellect and Imagination in Science, Author: Sandra Schurr
Title: Ignite Student Intellect and Imagination in Language Arts, Author: Sandra Schurr
Title: Scheduling to Improve Student Learning, Author: Ronald D. Williamson
Title: Programs and Practices in K-8 Schools: Do They Meet the Educational Needs of Young Adolescents?, Author: C. Kenneth McEwin
Title: We Gain More Than We Give : Teaming in Middle Schools / Edition 1, Author: Thomas S. Dickinson
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