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Title: Elementary Excitations in Solids, Molecules, and Atom: Part B, Author: J. T. Devreese
Title: Particle Interactions at Very High Energies: Part B, Author: Francis Halzen
Title: Particle Interactions at Very High Energies: Part A, Author: David Speiser
Title: Electronic Structure of Polymers and Molecular Crystals, Author: Jean-Marie Andrï
Title: Advances in Superconductivity, Author: J. Deaver
Title: Surface and Interface Characterization by Electron Optical Methods, Author: Ugo Valdre
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Title: Essential Nutrients in Carcinogenesis, Author: Lionel A. Poirier
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Title: New Developments in Quantum Field Theory and Statistical Mechanics Cargèse 1976, Author: M. Levy
Title: Many Degrees of Freedom in Field Theory, Author: L. Streit
Title: Strongly Coupled Plasmas, Author: Gabor Kalman
Title: Theoretical Methods in Medium-Energy and Heavy-Ion Physics, Author: K. W. McVoy
Title: Vibrational Spectroscopy of Molecular Liquids and Solids, Author: S. Bratos
Title: Electron and Magnetization Densities in Molecules and Crystals, Author: Pierre Becker
Title: Perfecting Social Skills: A Guide to Interpersonal Behavior Development, Author: Richard M. Eisler
Title: Quantum Dynamics of Molecules: The New Experimental Challenge to Theorists, Author: R. G. Woolley
Title: Structural Elements in Particle Physics and Statistical Mechanics, Author: J. Hoonerkamp
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Title: Physics of Ion-Ion and Electron-Ion Collisions, Author: F. Brouillard
Title: Integrated Optics: Physics and Applications, Author: S. Martellucci
Title: Molecular Ions: Geometric and Electronic Structures, Author: Joseph Berkowitz
Title: The Physics of Superionic Conductors and Electrode Materials, Author: John W. Perram

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