Title: Exits and Entrances: Interviews with Seven Who Reshaped African-American Images in Movies, Author: Frank Manchel
Title: The Great War and the Death of God: Cultural Breakdown, Retreat from Reason, and Rise of Neo-Darwinian Materialism in the Aftermath of World War I, Author: Charles a. O'Connor III
Title: THE ABALONE UKULELE: A Tale of Far Eastern Intrigue, Author: R. L. Crossland
Title: Coded Letters, Concealed Love: The Larger Lives of Harriet Freeman and Edward Everett Hale, Author: Sara Day
Title: STRANGE FRUIT: Racism and Community Life in the Chesapeake-1850 to the Present, Author: John Wennersten
Title: Love and Samsara, Author: Eusebio L Rodrigues
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Title: UNDER INDIFFERENT SKIES, Author: Vasken Berberian
Title: Amy's Story: A Novel, Author: Anna Lawton
Title: Pan-Africanism, Pan-Africanists, and African Liberation in the 21st Century: Two Lectures, Author: Horace G Campbell
Title: Red Advance, White Defeat, Author: Peter Kenez
Title: NOT IRISH ENOUGH: Anglo-Irish Family's Three Centuries in Ireland, Author: Sara Day
Title: To Kill a Tsar, Author: G. K. George
Title: LIES THAT MATTER: A federal prosecutor and child of Holocaust survivors, tasked with stripping US citizenship from aged Nazi collaborators, finds himself caught in the middle, Author: Allan Gerson
Title: OUT OF WHAT CHAOS, Author: Lee Oser
Title: SWAMPOODLE LILY: The Jesuit Church of Saint Aloysius Gonzaga. Reflections on Some of Its Times, Its Growth and Survival to the Present, Author: Robert Francis Murray
Title: BRIDGE BETWEEN WORLDS: A Lebanese-Arab-American Woman's Journey, Author: Hala Lababidi Buck
Title: THE AMERICAN CONSUL: A History of the United States Consular Service 1776-1924. Revised Second Edition, Author: Charles Stuart Kennedy
Title: The Rise of the Therapeutic Society: Psychological Knowledge & the Contradictions of Cultural Change, Author: Katie Wright
Title: CASTLE OF SHADOWS: A Family Saga, Author: Anna Lawton
Title: DOOMED TO REPEAT? Terrorism and the Lessons of History, Author: Sean Brawley

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