Title: Heartwood, Author: Nikky Finney
Title: Kentucky Folklore, Author: R. Gerald Alvey
Title: Healing Kentucky: Medicine in the Bluegrass State, Author: Nancy Disher Baird
Title: Fights for Rights, Author: Ronald W. Eades
Title: Into the Wilderness: The Lewis and Clark Expedition, Author: James J. Holmberg
Title: Kentucky Home Place, Author: Lee Dew
Title: Choices, Author: George Ella Lyon
Title: History Mysteries, Author: James C. Klotter
Title: Women Who Made a Difference, Author: Carol Crowe-Carraco
Title: Three Kentucky Tragedies, Author: Richard Taylor
Title: Kentuckians Before Boone, Author: A. Gwynn Henderson
Title: Kentucky Ghosts, Author: William Lynwood Montell