Title: Foreign Trade of India: 1991-2014, Author: Kulwinder Singh
Title: Foreign Policy of India: West Asia and North Africa (WANA), Author: Faisal Ahmed
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Title: Women in India: The Problem of Missing Girl Child, Author: Nishant Anand
Title: Social Entrepreneurship, Author: C. Paramasivan
Title: Goods and Services Tax (GST): Impact on the Indian Economy, Author: Anjali Agarwal
Title: Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in India: Policies, Conditions and Procedures, Author: Niti Bhasin
Title: Management Practices and Strategies in an Uncertain Era: The Indian Experience, Author: V. Sita
Title: Micro Finance, Self-help Groups (SHGs) and Poverty Eradication in India, Author: N. Mani
Title: Modern Banking in India: Dimensions and Risks, Author: R.K. Uppal
Title: Self-help Groups (SHGs) and Women Empowerment in India, Author: Arjun Yallappa Pangannavar
Title: Environment, Globalization and Economic Development, Author: G. Rajaiah
Title: India: Bilateral and Regional Economic Co-operation, Author: Gautam Murthy
Title: Strategising Industrial Development in Jammu & Kashmir, Author: Khursheed A. Butt
Title: Global Economic Crisis and the Indian Economy, Author: M. M. Sury
Title: Women in the Unorganized Sector of India, Author: Rameshwari Pandya
Title: 75 Years of Central Government Budgets (1947-48 to 2021-22) and Finance Commissions of India (I to XV), Author: M M Sury PhD Pre-Order Now
Title: Media and Development: The Road Ahead, Author: Madhuri Madhok
Title: Money, Banking and Finance in India: Evolution and Present Structure, Author: R.K. Uppal
Title: E-banking in India: Challenges and Opportunities, Author: R.K. Uppal
Title: Mental Retardation, Parenting Competence and Coping, Author: Nongmeikapam Premika Devi PhD

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