Title: Beyond the Cobblestones, Author: Luisa Ramondo
Title: The Players' Plate: An Unorthodox Guide to Sports Nutrition, Author: Emily Cole
Title: The Habit of Grateful: A Handbook for Gratitude, Author: Kristine Newell
Title: Letters to My Brown Mother: Stories of Mental Health, Author: Muzna Abbas
Title: Things My Therapist Doesn't Want Me to Say: Ten Years Post Heart Transplant, Author: Emma Rothman
Title: The Nativity Phenomenon: A Model That Works, Author: Jack Podsiadlo
Title: Growing Old, Author: Heather Nuttall Westover
Title: Mastering Executive Transitions: The Definitive Guide, Author: Navid Nazemian
Title: Gen Z Money $ense: A Personal Finance and Investing Guide, Author: Ella Gupta
Title: We Took the Risk: The Stories Behind the Early Risk-takers in the U.S. Renewable Energy Industry and the Leadership Traits that Made Them a Success, Author: Tom Weirich
Title: Small Brave Moves: Learn Why Little Acts of Bravery Are the Key to Life-Changing Leadership, Author: Nicole M Bianchi
Title: Lost in the Stream, Author: Johnny Savage
Title: Enough: Stop Playing Small, Examine What You Tolerate, and Take Action: Stop Playing Small, Examine What You Tolerate,, Author: Maggie H Smith
Title: The Anatomy of the Swipe: Making Money Move, Author: Ahmed Siddiqui
Title: Take Your Turn, Teddy, Author: Haley Newlin
Title: Twisted Tech: The Death of Privacy in the Digital Age, Author: Scott McClallen
Title: A Coven of Oak and Shadow: Book One, Author: Jamie Raye Welch
Title: Forged in Battle: African American Officers Serving in the United States Army, Author: Cleola M. Davis
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Title: 3-Win Sponsorship: The Next Generation of Sports and Entertainment Marketing, Author: John R. Balkam
Title: Betrayal: The Ethel Rosenberg Story, Author: Alisa M Parenti

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