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Title: The Magic Mom, Author: Alyce Dailey
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Title: The Players' Plate: An Unorthodox Guide to Sports Nutrition, Author: Emily Cole
Title: The Speed of Grace, Author: Jason Mayden
Title: Therapy and Other Drugs, Author: Christina Brown
Title: The Habit of Grateful: A Handbook for Gratitude, Author: Kristine Newell
Title: NetWORKing Excellence: Building a Strong Value-Based Network in an Accelerating Digital World, Author: David R. Olivencia
Title: Bulletproof Vows: Stories of Couples Navigating Military Deployments and Life's Battles, Author: Briana S. Nelson Goff
Title: The Pennymores and the Curse of the Invisible Quill, Author: Eric Koester
Title: Lost in the Stream, Author: Johnny Savage
Title: Citizen Soldier: From the Land of Lincoln to Iraq and Back, Author: Robert L. Elliott
Title: Attached, Author: Terece Hahn Metzger
Title: Behind the Facade: A Mental Health Memoir, Author: Lauren Bartleson
Title: Yoga for Bendy People, Author: Libby Hinsley
Title: Through My Eyes: Exploring the World While Being Asian, Author: Yang Zhou
Title: Rose's Locket, Author: Shannon Quist
Title: When I Became Light: A Confidence Journey, Author: Ilana Weinstein
Title: Women Mentoring Women: Strategies and Stories to Lift As We Rise, Author: Michelle Renaldo Ferguson
Title: One Decision Away: Key Principles To Create What You Want in Life and Work, Author: Paula Melo Doroff
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Title: Tomorrow Begins Now: Teen Heroes Who Faced Down Injustice, Author: Ava Lorelei Deakin
Title: The Life Is Too Short Guy: Strategies to Make Every Day the Best Day Ever, Author: Scott White

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