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Title: Adventures in Misty Falls, Author: Renee Holmes Holmes Kent
Title: Cherished: Discovering the Freedom to Love and Be Loved, Author: Chandra Peele
Title: Kelli Tyler Extraordinaire, Author: Tina T. Newberry
Title: Sam Simpson: Architect of Hope, Author: Carol Garrett
Title: Heart's Cry: Principles of Prayer, Author: Jennifer Kennedy Dean
Title: Around the World, Author: Jennifer Law
Title: It's Fun to Be an MK, Author: Braken Lovelace
Title: God Is Calling You: And Other Things My Granddad Taught Me, Author: Janet Thompson Hoffman
Title: Darby down Under, Author: Barbara Massey
Title: Children in Action: Special Assignments, Author: Cindy Skelton
Title: Great Love (for Guys): Truth for Teens in Today's Sexy Culture, Author: Chandra Peele
Title: Kelli's Discovery, Author: Renee Kent
Title: Rooted: 31 Verses Every Teenager Should Know, Author: Iron Stream Media Pre-Order Now
Title: For All Time: The Story of Ann Judson, Author: Alice Bates
Title: Worldventure No. 2: Activity Book for Girls, Author: Kathy Strawn
Title: Yes, You Can Kelli!, Author: Renee Holmes Kent
Title: Pinafores and Pelotas, Author: Alicia Zorzoli
Title: My Family Helps, Author: Melissa Becker
Title: I Can Pray, Author: Angie Quantrell
Title: I Can Do What Jesus Did: Ministry Activities for Younger Children, Author: Cindy Goodwin

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