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Title: The Golden Land, Author: Elizabeth Shick
Title: Approaching the Center, Author: Myronn Hardy
Title: Boy Meets Girl, Author: Christie Hodgen
Title: Traveling at High Speeds, Author: John Rybicki
Title: Honeyfish, Author: Lauren K. Alleyne
Title: Only the Senses Sleep, Author: Wayne Miller
Title: Tall If, Author: Mark Irwin
Title: A Million in Prizes, Author: Justin Marks
Title: The Nature of Remains, Author: Ginger Eager
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Title: The Republic of Self, Author: Elizabeth Powell
Title: Goodnight Architecture, Author: Gretchen Mattox
Title: Art of the One-Act: An Anthology, Author: Arnie Johnston
Title: Household Mechanics, Author: Sarah Mangold
Title: One Girl Babylon, Author: Ruth Ellen Kocher
Title: The Hourglass Heart, Author: Gail Martin
Title: Missing Her, Author: Claudia Keelan
Title: BEIT, Author: Eryn Green
Title: Rot, Author: Janet Kauffman
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Title: Graft, Author: Brian Henry
Title: Subject to Change (New Issues Poetry & Prose Series), Author: Matthew Thorburn

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