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Title: Motherlunge, Author: Kirstin Scott
Title: Barren Island, Author: Carol Zoref
Title: The Nature of Remains, Author: Ginger Eager
Title: Mule & Pear, Author: Rachel Eliza Griffiths
Title: Poetry in Michigan / Michigan in Poetry, Author: William Olsen
Title: Erasable Walls, Author: Lance Larsen
Title: Your Moon, Author: Ralph Angel
Title: The 26-Hour Day, Author: Olivia Clare
Title: Insofar, Author: Sarah Gridley
Title: BEIT, Author: Eryn Green
Title: To Zenzi, Author: Robert L. Shuster
Title: Inside the Yellow Dress, Author: Mary Ann Samyn
Title: Abrupt Rural, Author: David Dodd Lee
Title: A Breathable Light, Author: Rodney Torreson
Title: Lark Apprentice, Author: Louise Mathias
Title: The Right Place to Jump, Author: Peter Covino
Title: Dark~Sky Society, Author: Ailish Hopper
Title: Autobiography of So-and-So: Poems in Prose, Author: Maurice Kilwein Guevara
Title: The Porch Is a Journey Different from the House, Author: Ever Saskya
Title: Distance Learning, Author: Angela Sorby

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