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Title: QUEBEC: A Novel, Author: Tim Castano
Title: Remedios, Author: Deborah Clearman
Title: How the Quiet Breathes, Author: John Michael Flynn
Title: The Emperor of Nuts: Intersections across cultures, Author: Elaine Barnard
Title: Julius Matthias: : A Pact With The Devil, Author: Michelle Mazel
Title: The Religious Mantle, Author: NUNO JÚDICE
Title: Killing Jack Armstrong, Author: Bob Bachner
Title: Stories for People who Watch TV, Author: Timmy Waldron
Title: I Don't Belong Here, Author: Melissa Grunow
Title: The Avant Garde Doesn't Die and Never Surrenders, Author: Nina Cassian
Title: Searching for the White Magician: Spiritual Psychology and the Manifestation of Destiny, Author: Stefania Magidson
Title: Son of Soothsayer, Author: Simon A Smith
Title: The Unfolding, Author: Jeehan Quijano
Title: The Breath Capital, Author: Snezana Zabic
Title: Flashlight Girls Run, Author: Stephanie Dickinson
Title: Fearless, Author: Raima Larter