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Title: The Bear Tree and Other Stories from Cazenovia's History, Author: Erica Barnes
Title: Monumental New York!: A Guide to 30 Iconic Memorials in Upstate New York, Author: Chuck D'imperio
Title: Crucible of the Millennium: The Burned-Over District of New York in the 1840s, Author: Michael Barkun
Title: Make a Way Somehow: African-American Life in a Northern Community, 1790-1965, Author: Kathryn Grover
Title: Winslow Homer in the Adirondacks, Author: David Tatham
Title: Back There Where the Past Was: A Small-Town Boyhood, Author: Charles Champlin
Title: Peconic Bay: Four Centuries of History on Long Island's North and South Forks, Author: Marilyn E. Weigold
Title: Population History in New York City, Author: Ira Rosenwaike
Title: The African Burial Ground in New York City: Memory, Spirituality, and Space, Author: Andrea E. Frohne
Title: Upstate Literature: Essays in Memory of Thomas F. O'Donnell, Author: Frank Bergmann
Title: The Archaeology of Harriet Tubman's Life in Freedom, Author: Douglas V. Armstrong
Title: Reservoir Year: A Walker's Book of Days, Author: Nina Shengold
Title: Declaring Disaster: Buffalo's Blizzard of '77 and the Creation of FEMA, Author: Timothy W. Kneeland
Title: Finding Judge Crater: A Life and Phenomenal Disappearance in Jazz Age New York, Author: Stephen J. Riegel
Title: Tales My Father Never Told, Author: Walter D. Edmonds
Title: A Taste of Upstate New York: The People and the Stories Behind 40 Food Favorites, Author: Chuck D'imperio
Title: The Salome Ensemble: Rose Pastor Stokes, Anzia Yezierska, Sonya Levien, and Jetta Goudal, Author: Alan Robert Ginsberg
Title: Trees of New York State: Native and Naturalized, Author: Donald Leopold
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Title: The Ministers' War: John W. Mears, the Oneida Community, and the Crusade for Public Morality, Author: Michael Doyle
Title: Blacks in the Adirondacks: A History, Author: Sally E. Svenson

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